Hello Mark. With great sadness I heard your story on air as I was driving yesterday. But I share your pain and joy. We too lost a family member that I still mourn to this day. It was 5 years ago. He was Andy, a rescue dog saved from the devastation wrought by hurricane Andrew .(hence the name) He was an angel sent by God the Father. I know it in my heart. You see, I met my future, now stilll loving wife, Marilyn, when he literally jumped up on her as she was moving in near my condo in Reston. Without this feat of affection from him towards her, I very likely would not have met her, nor would we have the 2 beautiful children, Patrick and Faith that we have today. Thank you Andy. Dear God, give him a “good boy” pat from all of us.
Thank you Mark for all your good work, may God bless and comfort you.

Woof woof,
Charles and Marilyn from Virginia