And Then There’s Louie

About 6 mo’s ago our 2 yr old Puggle, Meeko, needed a companion, so we called the local shelter and they told us they just brought in a dog who had been living on the street. We took Meeko in to meet him, and they played well together, so we took him home and named him Louie. He was a sorry sight, crooked tail, a cyst on his forehead, and was very, very thin, but his tail wagged a lot. Being part beagle and part dachshund, he has traits of both. He looks like a dachshund and barks like a beagle. The vet said he was about 7-10 mo’s old.
He wouldn’t let us too near at first, backed away when we tried to pet him, and we decided all he needed was time.
He has a lot of survival skills that he now uses to dump all the garbage out, get into waistbaskets and strew the contents as far as possible, sneaks downstairs to eat the cat food.
We have enjoyed his different personality and like seeing him trust us more each day. Somebody said we should have named him “Nathan Detroit”
Louie is now a permanent part of our family.

Nancy from IL