An Animal Lover

How to start
This is a story of not only a animal lover but a father that is missed and a hero to many including me. He was a sheriff for a county in michigan and also a animal control officer AKA dog catcher. He would always smile when he was called that cuz it was by the people that cared enough to retrive there pets from the dog pond and thank him for his care that was given by him to make there pet safe while it was lost.In the year of 1969 he was doing his runs in the back streets of ruel areas in a old beat up truck that would more look like a ice cream truck, a car passed him cuz he was going slow so not to stir up dust.He back off a bit to let thigs clear and as he came up to a farm house he seen a young boy holding his small rust and white begal crying. My dad pulled to the side and asked the what had happened. The shakeng and crying boy told dad that the car ran over pete and didnt stop to help.


My dad looked the pup over. There were no broken bones that he could feel the only blood was a cut on the dogs lip. Dad put his finger in the arm pit of pete a there was a palse he looked in the eye of the pup there were fixed there was a heart beat. Dad figured that the pup was just knock out. He looked at the young boy and ask if he was to bring his dog back to life would he promise to keep him on a leash when he was next to the road. with the tearing eyes and the hope that this strang man was truthful the boy said yes. My dad picked up the dog by the back legs held the neck gave it a shake and the dog started kicking the boy started yelling hes alive hes alive my dad put pete down and he ran to the house.The young boy went to his dog, dad waited to make sure all would be well and then the boys dad came from behind the house and was talking with his son. He seen the fingure point to him and the boys dad started walking over to my dad. Ray the boys dad looked my dad in the eye and said that, the guy over there is god he brought pete back to life Well needless to say the dog was knock out not run over and dad went by that house every day to see if the boy keep his word. Time went by and pete was no longer seen so dad pulled in the drive way and asked about pete. Well pete lived a full life and the boy Steve was in high school ray and dad were good friends for a long time. Dad got out of being a dog catcher and became a full time cop in 74.


He had been a cop since he was 21 and he loved it just like he loved life itself. well ray died in a car crash his wife was alone with a boy that missed his dad and was haveing trouble dealing with life with out his dad. Dad had the night shift and him and nick got a call to that farm house from the mother. Steve was in his room and wouldnt come out. Nick took the mother to another room while dad tried to get steve to answer the door he never did.Dad went thru the door to find the young man dead from a OD. Dad yell out to nick to call a ambalance. nick went outto the car the mother went into the room where dad was giveing cpr. She was crying and looking at my dad as he was working to try to save a life, Nick came in and was trying to get her out and all she could ask was you saved pete now can you save my son. Dad and nick worked on steve but it was to late. Nick went and filled out the report dad stayed with the mother till 8 AM the next day. Before he left the mother told my dad she always heard her son call him god but she said you are no god your a god send.

Yes i know your all thinking was does this have to do with the love of pets. Its not just pets that are loved and missed its the ones that give us love.

My dad died in 2001 of alzimers(if thats the spelling) AFTER GIVEING 41 YEARS OF HIS LIFE TO THE PUBLIC AND PETS What a man what a dad what a husband what a friend. I miss my hand in his i miss his smile and the blue eyes that could calm the waters in the worst storm. Its another year of deer huntng with out you but i still can feel your hand on my shoulder telling me to be true with my shot. I miss you and as long as i remember you, you will always live.


Randy from MI