After hearing all your callers talking about their dogs, I felt I needed to tell you our story too.

In early March of ’06 we had to put down our yellow lab, Amber, after she developed colon cancer. She was only 12 and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.
A week later I couldn’t get over our loss and had to get another dog right away. We bought a lab mix puppy from a backyard breeder. Turns out, he’s a lab/pointer mix. Not wanting him to be lonely when we weren’t home, we contacted a local rescue group here in San Diego. labradorrescuers.org We took Rocky with us to an adoption event and met, and fell in lve with, a yellow male that we adopted and named Casey.
We were so impressed and happy with lab rescuers that this year, in the spring, my wife and I became volunteers. This is one of the most worthwhile things we’ve ever done. Rescuing and adopting dogs is a very time consuming thing but well worth the effort knowing that these labs are going to a home instead of staying in a shelter and probably being euthanized for nothing more than having owners who didn’t care for them. Most of our dogs are pulled from high kill shelters and some have medical problems. We pull them, nurse them and adopt them out with an all volunteer force.
In less than 4 years, our group has saved well over 700 dogs! All as a non-profit organization relying on donations and adoption fees to fund us.
If any of your listeners are in the southern CA area, we always need volunteers and foster homes.

On a happier note, Rocky and Casey are inseperable buddies and our constant companions.

John from CA