My little Alex, a small poodle/schnauzer mixed breed, came into my life on June 15, 2005. I adopted him from the Animal Rescue Fund here in Amelia, Ohio. Alex loves everyone and has even charmed people who claim to not like animals. Alex has been there when others would not or could not when a good friend was needed. As I watch him when we are out and about or when he meets others I wonder why people cannot acquire these simple traits. Certainly the world would be a better place. Perhaps we should introduce him the the House and Senate or the General Assembly at the UN and tell them to grow up and be a dog. I am so grateful that we were brought together by the Animal Rescue Fund that I have become a volunteer to help bring others together with a new best friend. I have read your book…laughed and cried throughout the pages. Thank you for writing it.

Alice from OH