AJ and Nikki

Dear Mark,
I’ve been listening to you since you were picked up by ABC in NY. I really enjoy your show because of your caustic wit and intolerance for BS and spin from liberal callers and liberal politicians.
Like your family, we also are a two-dog family. We recently found out that our older dog “AJ’ has canine lymphoma and will probably not be with us in a few months. We have opted out of expensive treatments because we just don’t have the extra means to attempt to prolong his life. AJ is 11 years old and is a lovable fuzz-ball. He’s a Wheaton mixed breed and weighs in at about 60 lbs. when he’s healthy. This dog still thinks he’s a 10-pound puppy who can sit in your lap. He’s extremely affectionate and a tremendous watch dog. Our younger dog Nikki is a black border collie-chow mix. Both dogs came from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington. We like the ideal of “dog rescue”.
Given that AJ’s time is limited on this earth, we decided to look for another puppy so that Nikki will have a companion to help relieve her grief.

We found a beautiful Wheaton Terrier pure bred via the internet at a home in Ohio. This puppy was confiscated from one of the Amish puppy mills and the lady who had him volunteers her time and money to help the dogs transition from the “gulag” to a loving home. Noble work, to say the least.
Last Saturday, my wife and I drove for 7 hours to a little town just over the PA/OH border to pick up this adorable puppy. He looks like AJ did when he was a puppy.
Now, the irony here is that AJ is acting like a mother hen and Nikki, for whom this puppy was meant, is scared to death of it. She runs and hides under our bed when the puppy tries to play with her. AJ will not leave the puppy alone when he’s not in the crate. He even helps him up the staircase, staying behind to give him a gentle nudge from his nose. I think our plan has back-fired and we will wind up with two grieving dogs instead of one.
Now for the real challenge: A name for the new puppy. I have chosen a name which I think you, Rush, Sean and the rest of the honest broadcasters will absolutely love. The “little woman” and my son don’t like the name but I am willing to compromise just a little. I said that they can call him Gizmo but I will call him Gitmo. I do this to “torture” the liberal leftist weenies that live here on Long Island. I hope you will agree that this name is a good one. Oh, and PS: my daughter is away at Indiana U. and will not know about this until she comes home for Thanksgiving. She is going to freak out.

Best regards from one dog lover to another, Mark. Keep up the good fight for real American values. We must defeat the democRATS at every turn to avoid becoming a third world country.

Don from NY