Dear Mark and Staff,
I became a listener through my husbands addiction to AM radio. When he recently told me about your website with animal stories I thought I would like to share our families recent loss and recent adoption. Our loss began on 8/3/07. Abby our beloved cocker of 11yrs. We came home from grocery shopping and she had passed away. My eyes welled up and I fell to my knees. Not my baby no, no, no not my baby. She was a gift after my miscarriage 11yrs before. So having no children of my own I came into the 2nd marriage with Abby. My new husband and my new stepson welcomed her with open arms and she became one of their family members as well. Even my mother in law called her the grand dog. She was an awsome dog. as all dogs are. When we got ready to go fishing and camping she would wait in the car until everything was loaded as if to say. UM by the way? I’m going too! she loved to go fishing. stroll the banks looking for frogs and sit and wait if we had to change bait she would whine and cry hoping there would be a fish on the end. She never caught on to the fact that when you reel in to check the bait there isnt always going to be a fish on the end of the line. And Christmas! loved to help open the presents. didnt matter if they were hers or not she helped everyone. she would tear into them and look to see what you got then go onto the next one. Just like a greedy kid.

I couldnt stand the 2 weeks she had been gone. I got to looking on the internet and looking in the paper going to local shelters. (big mistake. I wanted them all.) But then
one day some peircing blue eyes caught my attention. OMG I had to have this dog. He was so handsome. Ok now to get my husband to the animal shelter. that was a task in its self. Well that wish was about to be granted when I was the one who got to drive to dinner one night. I had them both in the car and proceeded to explain about the animal shelter and the dog we all looked at on the internet. Well he (husband) reluctantly agreed to show me how to get there. My step son was all for it. We looked at Ben and agreed that we would get him. I filled out all the paper work, (like buying a car) and waited. we had to wait 24 hrs. While I was at work the next day they had called and asked that I call back. We could adopt Ben. Ben is now Vern. He didnt respond to Ben. He is such a handsome fellow.
A little skiddish and afraid of his own shadow but is doing great. He wasnt adopted to replace our Abby. No other dog can replace another dog. They are all different, their own personalities along with their good and bad habits. Vern has eased the loss of Abby. I still mourn her death. She was special. But Vern is a hoot. We have our work cut out for us. But he will be a great addition to our family. I’m so greatful our veternarian gave us a good reference. Oh yes the local shelter called the vet.
thank you for letting me share.

Sally from Ohio