Is it sad that my dog Abby is one of my best friends?? A few weeks ago, I was watching a Nooma video (Series by Rob Bell) and he was talking about the Jewish Custom of “Sitting Shiva,” where the close family and friends of a mourner would come and just sit with them for seven days. No talking, no Wake, no food or “Celebration of Life,” but just sitting, mourning, and grieving.



Isn’t it funny, but that is what Abby does with me. Sure, she’s a dog, but you have no idea how many times she has performed the duty of “Sitting Shiva.” I have not experienced many deaths, but I have experienced many deep hurts, and when I am grieving, Abby just sits with me. Pearl is a different story-she is a puppy and she needs ritalin, but Abby is mature and thoughtful-and she just sits. Sometimes when I lay across my bed and cry-she just comes and licks my face as if to say, “I am here for you.” She asks no questions, gives no advice, she just sits.


Kathy from MD