3 German Shepherds

I’ve been a dog lover my whole life. We’ve lost 3 German Shepherds in my 32 years and I dread the day that the 2 I have now pass on. They were the first that were truly mine and depended on me for everything. They’re older now and I think about it every day.

It can take years to get to know a human but a dog can melt your sole and steal your heart in hours.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a Canine Explosive Course flunky. They weren’t prepared for a flunky of his caliber and expected him to be going to Iraq. Always a sucker we let him stay for a couple days. Determined not to get attached I attempted to keep my distance. This guy just wouldn’t allow that to happen. Three days later when the company called with his travel arrangements and told us he would leave the next day, my 3 year old and I cried. I still tear up just thinking about him. THREE DAYS! It only took THREE DAYS to fall in love with him.

We still miss him. He remained a flunky and was sent for more training. At least I know he isn’t in Iraq though, he was soft and didn’t have what it takes to make it over there. He’d rather be on the couch I’m afraid.

Thanks for your book, your show, and this forum….

Jessica from VA