3 dogs 2cats 1 llama and about 150 chickens

Ok,here goes…we have 3 dogs 2cats 1 llama and about 150 chickens….i was listening to the show today (10-31) and when mark was talking about his dog. this big harry truck driver was starting to cry..my small dog IS MY LIFE!..
my mom told me once that she loved me unconditionaly,i thought i knew what she was talking about…i was wrong..my bestest friend in the world loves me more than my mother and wife…i think that God lets us enjoy our pets to learn what unconditional love realy is…chessy(my bestest goodest friend.)loves me no matter what.he has truely tought me the true meaning of unconditional love…

I call home every day and leave him a message on the answer machine and and he will hear me and start jumping and barking and howling..He realy loves his daddy…and when i get home at nite we play untill its belly rub time then we have dinner and he sets on my lap untill betime.then we have to wrestle.then he shares a pillow between my wife and me,and that is where i see him when i wake up and it starts all over again…i dont need to die a rich man because my lifes treasure has 4paws and always a wagging tail…im truly blessed to have such a friend in my life…thank you mark for sharing your story,i cant wait to read your book .God bless you and all of our little friends.

Ed from OK

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  1. Heather Says:

    You are a truly precious man and I am so glad you have so much love for such a precious creature. You are truly special.