2 Lovely Cats

I have had 2 lovely cats. Unfortunately, they died in our lliving room after 5 years each.
I will not ever be able to have another endure the pain of losing them. They were my best friends. My wife says that I and they loved me more than we love each other. Perhaps this is because they gave me such unconditional love and attention. Meouzi ever rode on my shoulders while in the car. I never woke up without one of them on my side. I looked forward to getting home to have their attention. Soft white fur, blue eyes met me as the King of the Universe. It destroyed me to see them die so young. I miss this attention, however, I do not ever want to bury another loved pet again.
Am I dull or cruel??

Don from Texas

One Response

  1. Jon Drummond Says:


    You are neither. But there are SO MANY cats that need a loving home. I too felt that way many years ago. But I just posted my story about Hawkeye. We parted in 1996, and I still think of him daily. But now I have 3 cats, one a boy, 1 year old. He is AWESOME, as are my 2 girls. I love them so much and I know that we have to say goodbye someday. But where would they be if I did not take them in.

    Find it in you heart to welcome another pet. They enrich our lives and make us happy. There are cats out there that need love, please re-consider your feelings.