Mark, thank you so much for sharing your story about Sprite. I found great comfort in your words. I had to have my Australian Shepherd, Zac, put to sleep last fall. Zac was a great dog-never more happy than when I said, “Let’s go check the sheep”. He was still my “puppy” at the age of almost 9 when the vet discovered a mass in his belly and spots on his lungs. I could have taken him to a pricey dog oncologist in Cleveland but chose to bring him home to the place he was comfortable. That night, I slept in the livingroom with him and woke each time he struggled to breathe. I made the decision to have him put to sleep the next morning. Zac is buried in the back yard next to my roses. I cried nearly everyday for a while and then less and less but as I relate this to you, my eyes are once again filling with tears! I didn’t think I’d get another dog for a long time but I found myself calling Zac’s breeder just to see if they would be having any puppies in the future. I was dismayed to find that someone had poisoned Zac’s mom and she didn’t have plans for a new female . HOWEVER, her daughter had purchased an Aussie pup but had since moved to Texas. “Georgie” was living there but was unhappy and in need of a family. You guessed it! I needed him and he needed me. So, my broken heart was mended and Zac’s memory was honored by taking a chance on Georgie.

Beth from Ohio