Your pet is talking to you …

The following is a short excerpt from a longer work from Rev. Renee Karen’s book “Your pet is talking to you … Are you listening?”


It is now time for me to say “Good Bye” It will be very sorrowful to leave you but not a sorrow for me to die. Animals do not fear death as humans do. We accept this as part of our lives. What will become of me after death? I will be in a place where I will always be young. A place that will be a paradise for me. Some people call that “Heaven” Yes animals have souls. God has a special place in heaven just for us.

I have another request. Please find another animal to be at your side. I know no one can take my place, but I will feel better knowing you are taking special care of another pet. It would be a poor tribute to me, if no one ever followed me.

One last word of farewell dear ones… Whenever you think of me say to yourself that I was the one you loved; and how much you loved me. No matter how deep my sleep, I shall hear you and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail. May the angels always watch over you as thet watch over me. Remember…I will always be with you in love.

Martin from Texas