We Humans Are The Lucky Ones

I listen to your show every evening on my way home from work and I have been so touched listening to you talk about your life with Sprite.  My family and I are huge dog lovers and between my Mom, Dad and Sister’s family we have six.  As I write this, my Mom is on her way to the vet with her Elliot.  She just called me very upset, but we know that it’s his time to go.  Elliot is letting her know it’s ok in his own way.  He has lived a long, wonderful life (14 years), but it doesn’t make it any easier.  They are in Louisiana and I’m up in Washington, DC, and feel so sad to be far away.  But, I love how you put it….at in the end, we humans are the lucky ones.  After her call, your book was the first thing I thought about sending her.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have already pre-ordered three copies of your book and to say thank you.   When I get home from work after hearing you mention Sprite & Pepsi, I go home and give my Reagan & Rudy a huge kiss and hug.  It makes me appreciate my time with them even more than I already do.

Many thanks for all you do,

Joy from Washington, DC