Waiting for Dad

Pepsi waiting for Mark to come home…

Pepsi 4

4 Responses

  1. Rachel Says:

    Loyal and true..what a great pic!

  2. Laura from L.A. Says:

    OH Pepsi!! LOL!!! Do you do that “DOGGIE” thing where you line up all the shoes from the closet to the front door??

    My doggie “Patou” used to do that when he was left alone. We always knew how long we had been gone by the amount of shoes he lined up all in a row.

    Us kids thought it was funny until my mom designated one of us to pick them up and return them to the appropriate closets. I tried to get Patou to help me but he just sat in his corner and watched. TOO FUNNY!!

  3. Betty Colwell Says:

    Beautiful Pepsi waiting for her daddy to come home…How precious these “animals” are! I don’t even consider them animals, they are as close as any human can be. I have cats and love them dearly and have taken in strays and what a joy they have been in my life. Can’t have a dog, because I live in an apartment, otherwise I would be down at the animal shelter to buy one of those poor souls. Problem would be taking only one. What a heartbreak when they all would love to have a good home. My heart aches whenever I had to go there in the past, and seeing those beautiful animals. Thank you Mark for what you do and for sharing your feelings on radio.Almost time for me to go and listen to your program. You come on here after Inga Barks, KMJ 580.

  4. Leta from Pennsylvania Says:

    Wow! You can leave shoes lying around? My three dogs (Bobo, Jack and Paris) would think it was buffet time!
    Pepsi is such a handsome guy. You are blessed.