Great one:

You are awesome, my friend. The bible hasn’t been added to in thousands of years. I think it may just be time to put some of your words in there!

Attached is a picture of my beloved Vana, the most wonderful companion who’s ever graced the face of the Earth. She had just won her obedience title and took first place! (That’s me standing next to her. At left is the Trial Secretary.)

Vana was cheerful in all weather. Gentle, yet courageous. Devoted.

I was raised by an alcoholic, abusive jerk. I learned at a young age not to cry. In fact, I can’t remember ever crying in my 43 years. But when it came time to put Vana to sleep and the veterinarian pronounced her dead, I cried a gut-wrenching, head-ache inducing, snot-draining cry that, looking back, certainly reflected the pain I was feeling.

The Good Lord certainly smiled when He made Vana, and He certainly smiled when He brought her to His home. I thank Him for her, and I thank Him for Mark Levin!

Great one, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to leave on your Dog Corner a “memorial” to the greatest canine — Liberty Run’s Vana — I’ve ever known.

Blessings to you, your family and staff.

Patrick from MD

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  1. Dave Says:

    One of the responsibilities of an owner is to be with his pet at the time of his passing. I have done it for my dog and for a dear elderly friend’s pooch when it was his time. My most recent dog, a black lab, died at the vet’s while I was at work. However, that in no way eased the pain of his passing as he was my only companion for 14 years. And yes, I cried for quite a while as he was special and we cared for each other through sunny and rainy days. I hope you have found another special dog; it took me nearly three years, but I adopted a neighborhood stray who was needing a home which I gratefully provided. May God Bless…

    Dave from NM