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Wednesday, September 5, 2007, 6:00 pm

As you can tell by the headline, this book is about a rescued dog named Sprite. He came by that name because his housemate in his new home was named Pepsi.

Mark R. Levin, who wrote, “Rescuing Sprite”, had never visited a shelter before, and was reluctant to enter one this time to look for a companion for his family dog.

The following excerpt was was what drew me into the story as a dog lover and kept me reading nonstop until the end.

“I eventually, and reluctantly, visited the local shelter with Chase. I had never been to a shelter before. It was upsetting to see all the dogs and cats in small cages waiting for some family to adopt them. I wondered what these poor animals must be thinking. They were in a strange place surrounded by people and animals they didn’t know. They must have been scared to death, longing to be home with their families. Most of them were separated from families that they thought had adored them. In any event, they were the only families they’d known from the time they were puppies or kittens.”

He goes on to say, “Many of the dogs and cats have been rescued off the streets, where their fate could have been horrific. And the folks who work at these shelters, and watch the animals come and go on a daily basis, are among the finest, most compassionate people in our society. Imagine what they must feel as they deal with the endless cycle of pets. I could never do it. “

The book will be out in print on November 6th. The publisher is Simon and Schuster. If you have ever loved a dog and lost a dog, pick up a copy for a beautiful, heartfelt story about the love of a family for their special dog.