The Tribe

15 years was not long enough. I lost 4 this last year and I was ready for the loony bin. Putting them down, while the kindest thing to do, was the very worst time of my life. I’ve downsized to Papillons-3 ‘rescues’.

The Tribe

Carol from NY

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  1. Carol Gibbs Says:

    I am assuming your dogs are Samoyeds. We had a Samoyed, a female for 16 years. She was with us before we were married and was always a part of our family. We never much thought of her as a dog, she was a member of the family. My husband had to put her down on my birthday while my daughter and I were out of town, something he did tearfully. I’m sure you miss every one of your dogs and other pets. They are certainly special to us in ways that can not be expressed, but a Samoyed is intelligent, loyal and ever so loving. Carol from Anaheim Hills, CA