The Great Cinder Dog

Mark…I am a 70 year old, politically incorrect, Patriotic, Christian, AMERICAN, male. Needless to say—“You’re my kind of guy”. I raised “The Great Cinder Dog” from a puppy. A neighbor’s Lab Retriever had 3 pups and gave me the pick of the litter. Cinder was the biggest of the lot and grew up to be a fairly large dog. My life long friend, John Boyd, and Cinder Dog died within a month of each other in1986…To this day I am not sure for which I grieve the most–
“The Great Cinder Dog”

A broad-chested black girl
With a brown-eyed savvy look
Visual presumption established
Her ancestry as Labrador-ian.
She, however, was native Californian–
A city gal that loved the country.
She slept in the back of a Chevy pickup,
And took care of the tools.
She tolerated toddlers but challenged strangers!

We cruised the highways and country roads,
Her, peering around the cab,
Braced against 50 MPH, ears a-furl.
Me, my Timex tightly wound, denying
An over developed sense of responsibility
Its rightful jurisdiction!
A man and his dog!
(And Merle n’ Waylon n’ Willie)–
“On the road again.”

Rabbits n’ hot weather were her downfall.
One day she ran too far,
Laid down and never got up. . .
We were pals.
She didn’t talk much,
But she was a great listener.

Ride on Great Cinder Dog,
Ride on. . .
Into the melancholy clamor;
Ride on. . .
Into the dust cloud of my years.

In 2003 I did a hardbound, private edition, (1000 copies) book of verse that contains many pieces like “TGCD”. With less than 100 copies remaining it would be my honor to share one.

James from CA

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  1. Dale Ferguson Says:

    Mr. Levin-
    I can’t wait to get your book we got our puppy and named him Levin. I have only told him one time not to wee on the floor. Thank you for explaining to me about how your dogs got the names and about Ronald Regan. Thank you again.