Our Golden Retriever, Sugar, died of cancer in 2005 at the age of 6. At age 1, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The cost to repair the defect was around $6k. We were in love with her – one of a kind personality, an old sole, and couldn’t bear to put her down. As fate would have it, my wife accepted an offer from a firm, and along with it went a signing bonus (during the .com boom) which covered the surgury. We thought we had saved her, but lymphoma brought her down five years later. My advice to other dog owners who may have to face this: don’t do the chemo, it only prolongs their misery, and they are not the same being.

 John from CA

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  1. Kate Says:

    Hi there
    We have lost several goldens to cancer and have worked hard to breed it out of them but of course that isn’t entirely possible. Sugar looks like a wonderful dog. Thanks for sharing your story. We have a 14 yr old golden now named Meg and have alot of anticipatory grief as Mark would say. We have shared her story on the blog as well.