Striving To Remember

In Memory of Sprite for You:

During many years as funeral director, I talked to numerous people and groups about grief and the loss of a dear friend. Hearing or reading others’ words can provide both a helpful insight into the experience as well as comfort.

Phillips Brooks, who only lived 58 years from 1835 to 1893 and who composed “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” wrote these words to a friend in 1891 on the death of his mother:

May I try to tell you again where your only comfort lies? It is not in forgetting the happy past. People bring us but miserable consolation when they tell us what time will do to help our grief. We do not want to lose our grief, because our grief is bound up with our love and we could not cease to mourn without being robbed of our affections. In our grief, we are not trying to forget, but striving to remember.

Jack from Illinois