Soul Of Humpi

In 1973 we came to live here and other house where 2 cats.hump and dumpi
daughter went to israel
mother didi t like cats

humpi choise for us
no way we could its saying.we beat him away
he kept comming

in the begin birds mouse was under mi moms bed
as i can eat mi own food
as long i can stay
after while he understood
he found a new house

he was on mi lap dads lap moms on mi bed
moms bed evry where

in 1982 we went to the U.S
one who supose take care
of him didi t do a good job
short after he hot kidney cancer.we put him to sleep
put it in the backyard

years years later i pray
to mi angel explian about
humpi.short after i see 2 cats on mi bed
one is allways with me
master humpi as soul
i feel a warm body when
i sleep.sometimes as now feel something on mi head
i know its the soul of humpi

Alberto From The Netherlands