I wanted to share with you a few words about my best friend, Snowball. I met Snowball at our vet’s office in the Chicago area and we instanlty became friends. She was a white small ball of fur and some friends of the vet found her and her brother on the side of the road. Snowball was a white german shepherd and russian wolfhound. I adopted her, but already had a dog so I couldn’t sneak two puppies home without my wife freaking out. From the time I brought her home, everyone fell in love with her. She was a great protector, a failthful friend and always happy to see me when I came home from work. She gave all she had, but only asked for a little love (and a few snackers) in return. I never had to be concerned about the safety of my wife and children at home while Snowball was in charge. She was a faithful guardian of the house and let visitors know not to mess with our family.

We had her for nine wonderful years, and were all very close to Snowball. Unfortunately, Snowball passed away on August 5, 2007. She started losing the use of her back legs and was finally diagnosed with cancer. We were with her to the end. Our lives will never be the same because of the love Snowball bestowed on us. We are still grieving and I can barely even talk about her without tearing up. Snowball was a blessing from God, and if there is a place for dog’s in heaven, Snowball will be there. I believe she is with my Dad who passed away in March, 2007. Dad was a WWII Veteran, a POW for three and a half years in the Phillipines and Japan. He survived the Bataan Death March, and was awarded a bronze star, purple heart and over 10 other metals. My Dad was also a dog lover, and I am comforted knowing that he and Snowball are enjoying each other in heaven.

I heard you describe the loss of your dog last week and cried all the way home from Dallas to Ft. Worth. I share your love for dogs, but am not ready at this time to have another dog. The grieving is just too hard.

You are a Great American! Keep up the great work. We appreciate you.

Your friend,

Ruben from Texas