Mark – Keep telling it like it is.

My wife and I were building a barn on our property when up waddled a puppy a few weeks old. A common problem in the country is that thoughtless people dump unwanted dogs beside the road and drive away leaving them to get hit by cars or starve to death. My wife claimed she didn’t want to keep the pup, but it was she who went to the store that same day and bought him a bowl and some food. She bought him food and I named him Skipper. For the next 15 years, Skipper, a medium sized brown mutt, was an integral part of our family and a buddy to our four children as they grew up. Skipper finally developed throat cancer at age 15 and we had it surgically removed so we could have him with us a little longer. He gave us an extra six months of affection before we had him mercifully put away and buried at a pet cemetary north of Fort Worth. We were without a dog for several years, but about three months ago my wife and I rescued a two-year-old Cairn terrier named Henry from a local rescue organization. He has already wrapped his big brown eyes and scruffy face around our hearts. He won’t take the place of Skipper, but we can see that he will make his own place in our family. Thanks for your hard work.

Roy from Texas