After listening to you Mark, I am compelled to tell you my story. We got our small Shitzu in 1987. We had her for nearly 18 years. She was with us every day of that 18 years. She was never boarded anywhere and went with us wherever we went. On 15 June 2005 we were forced to put her to sleep with no other options available to us. We spent thousands of dollars on vet bills in her last few years and would have spent thousands and thousands more had there been any hope. In the last 6 months of her life my wife fed her thru a baby bottle as she could no longer eat on her own. Looking back I wonder how much of that we did for ourselves as much as for her. We just could not let go. Over 2 years later I think of her daily and cry as I miss her so much. We never had kids and she was our child. God bless you for Mark’s Dog Corner.

Sammy from LA