This is my pal Shelby. We bought her for my daughter Sara when she was just a toddler and when Shelby was just a baby herself. We had to put Shelby down a few months ago. At 12 years old, she had contracted Lymes disease. Upon more medical discovery we learned she had tumors and undetermined masses that were taking over her body. Shelby was the first of 3 dogs we acquired years later. While she was older and smaller than the larger dogs we had, there was no doubt she was a proud dog that ruled the roost and always challenged the other 3 when she felt her seniority in our house was in danger. In the dog hierarchy, I found this fascinating to watch, but more importantly, a bond between my dog and I continued to grow over her glorious 12 years. I’ll miss that dog smile that you see. I’ll miss the hugs she gave me every night when I came home from work. And I’ll miss the loyalty and strength this sweet dog gave my family for all of her dear life. I love you Shelby ! And I miss your smile…….You were a good dog, and a great friend. Our family was blessed to have you for as long as we did.

Partick from CA