Hi Mark,

My name is Scout, I am an American Bull Dog and I am approximately 1 and a half years old. The first part of my life was pretty hard; you see my former master was a soldier stationed on Hunter Army Airfield, the home of the 75th Rangers and the Special Operations command here in Georgia. There is a lot of activity going on here. My master was deployed to war and his wife or the people that he left me with did not take very good care of me and I got away from them. During the time that I was on my own I lived in the wooded area around the airfield and lived off of what ever I could catch and a great part of the food that I would eat was acorns that are very plentiful in the woods here. For a long time the animal control officers. Police and MP’s would try to catch me and I was even chased around by a helicopter a couple of times when I wandered onto the runway. I love to run and evade capture and that is what I did. No body could ever catch me and I was out on my own for a long long time.

One day a very pretty lady who is a DOD police officer hear heard about all of the people that had tried unsuccessfully to catch me and she said that she would take a shot at it on her lunch time, you see she had heard about me from all of the officers that had tried to capture me and the stories about the times I would get on the runway and the soldiers would have to chase me off because they have a lot of airplanes coming and going. Well she just went out to the area that I had been spotted the most often and sure enough that’s where she found me. You know she did not try to chase me, all she did was hold her hand out and say {Here boy} and because she did not try to chase me, that’s what every other person had done, I came right up to her and she was so nice and loving that I went with her. When I got to my new home her husband was there for once and I did not trust him to well at first but soon learned to trust and love him like my woman mistress. He is gone an awful lot like my first man master but he has taught me to protect his wife from bad people and he even came up with the name of Scout, he says that is because I now how to escape and evade very well. Now I am very happy and safe with these two loving people and I have lots of good food to eat now.

My man and woman masters are away a lot, the man more so but they are helping protect our country and I love them very much and thank God that I have a bed of my own and don’t have to live in the woods and get chased any more. I get real scarred when it thunders because I once had lightning hit real close to me in the woods and I have two black marks on my side that were left when the lightning arced and hit me, but I am getting better because I feel safe here. I had a hard life at first but thanks to these nice people who love me very much and take care of me real good I am so happy and have a great life now.

SCOUT  from Georgia

2 Responses

  1. Nell Says:

    What a cutie pie! And, so lucky, too.

  2. Steve Says:

    Scout is a very handsome and lucky dog. We Americans are also very fortunate to have men & women like Scouts’ Masters. Thank you for your service & for taking care of Scout!!

    My wife and I also have an American Bulldog, his nmae is Mugsy…he is a rescue, and we love him very much.

    Steve & Robin
    Los Angeles