Hi Mark,

In 1991, Scampy was 16 years old, ill and it was time for him to leave us. So, because I wanted my face to be the last thing he saw in this life, I leaned over the vet’s examining table and held his head in my hands while the doctor gave him the shot that would end his life. It was the most heartbreaking thing I ever did. He was a faithful and wonderful companion to my husband, son and me. He was a furry, four-legged “Army brat”. My husband spent 34 years in the Army and Scampy devotedly moved with us eleven times in his sixteen years on this earth. I am attaching a photo of our precious Scampy so you can see just by his face what a wonderful dog he was. He is always with us because we have his ashes on our bookcase. I know how you feel about your Sprite. He will always be a wonderful, warm memory for you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Mary Lou From CA

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  1. Nell Says:

    What a face! Scampy looks like quite a character. What a dear, dear baby.