Sarge died more than 20 years ago. I have not had a dog since, largely due to my military career moving me to all parts of the world. I am finally ready to reconnect with my inner-dog, begin speaking dog-speak, and relearn the joy of playing catch.

Sarge was named after a dog my dad had as a boy. I have considered naming my new dog Sarge, too. However, I think it best to move to a new name that keeps the same spirit… I am leaning toward “Scout”. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog he is, I know he will quickly become a friend and confidant. He must… he is, after all, a dog.

Gary from WI

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  1. rolf ames Says:


    I am so happy that your show is on XM radio now, I never miss the show now.

    Like yourself, I am an aminal lover, I will not pass a dog without making friends with it first, One day, whin I was pulling into my truck companys yard in Riverside, Ca, I saw this white dog, as I parked my truck, The dog came up and wanted to get in my truck.

    I went into the dispatch office and asked about the dog. I was told that she had been hanging around for two weeks.
    They said that the dog pound had been called to come and get the dog, because everytime a truck left, the dog would chase the truck out onto the highway, they were afraid that she would get hit out on the highway.

    The poor guy from the pound, he looked all over the yard for her???
    I couldn’t tell him that she was sleeping in my truck?
    Where she has been sleeping for 5 years now, Rolf
    I would add a picture of her but I don’t know how?