Rosy and Gigi

Mark, I am 74 yrs young and I have tried not to tell my story, for it still hurts to think of the lost we had 4 years ago of our Lucy, just a dog they say.

I am blessed with wonderful & healthy, [9] kids, [16] grandkids and a great wife.

Had various dogs with the kids as they were growing up. I made the vet trips for their shots etc. Enjoyed, but really never spent much time with the animals. Being a farm boys you learned not to get attached, as you know why.

Fourteen years ago, my wife set out to get a toy poodle. I was not pleased with the idea.. She is a strong conservative, but she used a liberal saying, the dog would be shared with my grand daughters that lived close by. I couldn’t say no to the children of my life.

Before I knew it we had a one & half pound toy black poodle, with an over-bite that no one wanted, following me around. I would come home tired at night & Lucy would be in my lap with a toy wanting to play. Laugh we did. She soon learned 6 or 7 tricks.

My wife sells antique dolls so we spent many days traveling & doing trade shows [O, yes we had to purchase a $250,000 motor home so we would have heat or air conditioning for Lucy]. Lucy loved to set in a chair at the trade shows and she knew if she got down, to the motor home she went. The dealer’s kids would come by our booth and wanted to see Lucy tricks. I would say OK Lucy, and down she would jump, go through her total routine with me not saying another word & back up on her chair. Lucy would do the routine my times during the day, and she loved the attention.

When Lucy turned 8 I knew if something happen to her, I had a problem. So I brought home a nine-week-old Apricot [Rosy] toy poodle for my wife, I said. Two years later Lucy had a stroke and we lost her.

I was not sure what was wrong with me. I kept telling myself I had 5 grandkids beginning to drive. Had at least 3 sons in the air most every day, and I felt this way. Can’t I count my blessings?

The worst part was that Rosy [2] would not eat, looking for Lucy. So thanks to the Internet, off 250 miles for an 8 week old silver toy, Gigi now 4.

I know for sure they keep me young. They have allowed me to go outside every night, for the past 14 years to smell the night air and look at the stars. I am proud of my children & their success. Really love my girls, as I call them, and still miss Lucy, although Gigi is a carbon copy except for her color.

PS. My wife does her own grooming and is a great trainer. They sleep in their own beds at the foot of our and don’t come upon our bed until invited and they love that.

Thank you, for your great program and keep us the good work.

Darrell from KS