First I want to thank you for your service to our country. You have the best voice in radio, and the perfect face too, ha ha. I just wish you were a bit more conservative.

I wanted to tell you all about my best friend, Reagan. Reagan was a Hungarian Kuvacz and was supposed to get to around 240 lbs. My vet advised me to keep him small by restricting his food intake for life. Well, I did, and he was a bit of a runt at 150 lbs. Honestly, he was the most lovable dog I ever had, just a big puppy his whole life, of a mere 3 and a half years. He would literally knock you down and lick you to death if you dared to step into his yard. His rather intimidating size kept intruders to zero.

This past summer I decided to become his personal trainer. So I took him for a run quite a bit in early June. I am a school teacher and have the time to do this. He was bicycle trained. I rode my bicycle, and he ran along besides me, at a speed of about 10 miles per hour. He could do this for hours and hours in summers past. Well on our first ride/run this summer I noticed that he had some difficulty keeping up with me. I figured that he was due for a trip to the vet, so the next day, off we went. I had also noticed a couple of golf ball sized lumps below his neck. Well, the vet had some sad news for me. The lumps were most likely lymphoma, and he also had hip problems. I was told that I could spend hundreds of dollars on testing, and thousands on hip replacement, and end up with a dead dog anyway. I loved my dog, but having dedicated my life to teaching, I am not a wealthy man. So…

My vet told me a couple of things, first the big puppy was a bit big for him to dispose of, but I could cremate for about $500, or bury in my back yard. I opted for the latter. I decided to give him a couple of last days at home, where he got stuffed with bacon, eggs, and steak. The following Friday evening, I started digging his grave. I had to schedule an appointment for the deed on Saturday. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except as I was digging, he sat there watching me, with the end of his tail wagging at just under mach speed, and actually jumped into the hole and started digging too.

I miss the lug, and wish I had him back, there will never be another poochie like him.

I bought an ipod to just to listen to you after downloading, because the radio stations in San Antonio are not open minded enough to sign up as your affiliate. I used to be forced to listen to you on the WABC websight. It was a bit restrictive, but I just love listening to you.

I can hardly wait to read the sequel, “Men in black tights” when it comes out. I’m still waiting for that one.

Jimmy from Texas