Precious Pups

I’m looking forward to reading your book. I know the love our dogs provide us,especially in time of need. I am an Air Force wife and Army mom. When my husband or son are deployed ,its my precious pups that get me through.yes we have support groups,family and friends, but there is nothing like holding ones pup ,looking in their eyes ,knowing all the time that they KNOW what we are feeling. During the last 5 years my husband has been downrange 5 times and is heading back to Iraq in May. My son has been downrange 2 times. I not only miss them and worry 24 hours a day,so do my blessed pups. But what incredible comfort they are during our long deployments. When my husband was returning home last May, he sent ahead of him several footlockers of his belongings, they arrived 2 weeks before my husband. When the mailman brought one of the footlockers into my living room my precious cairn terriers, Cubby and Bridget jumped up onto it and wouldnt leave! They knew daddy was coming home soon… I’m enclosing my picture of the pups on top of dads footlocker’waiting”,,I also want to take a moment to Thank you Mr Levin, Your support of our troops and us,their families is so welcomed and needed, May God bless you and yours. May God bless your precious puppies.

Monique from CT


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  1. Jen Isbell Says:

    I also have a Cairn and they are the smartest little dogs. God Bless your husband and son for their service to the country.