¬†Pepsi laying around the house…

Pepsi 5

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  1. Steve Says:


    What a beautiful dog. I know you miss him.

  2. Paul Donini Says:

    Pepsi you are one lucky dog. You have a wonderful dad who makes a lot of us proud to be Americans. Also, it’ss great to know that your dad is a dog lover, too. We all know that people who love dogs and have dogs who love them back are the good people on earth who really make a difference. Have a bone on me. Oh by the way, Baron, Shadow and Shaq all send their love, too.

  3. Laura from L.A. Says:

    UMMMM….”The CAT ate my homework!!”

  4. Terry from Tulsa Says:

    There is a dog that looks very similar to Pepsi in my neighborhood (Black Lab-ish with a little grey beard).When I walk by her house,she always comes trotting up to me tail a wagging.I always stop to pet her and talk to her for a moment because she always stays put and never tries to follow me off.I can tell that she is well cared for and loved.

  5. Denise Waters Says:

    Dear Mark. I volunteer at a local Long Island Animal Shelter (see web site above)Due to our highly successful program, we have NOT had to euthanize a healthy, adoptable dog nearing 10 years!We are THE municipal shelter to which ALL shelters should aspire. I would love to send you a video I made of our shelter; do you have a business address or PO box?It would be my honor to take you (quietly) on a tour of our shelter should you have a few minutes to spare some day.I know you said on Sean’s show today they you can’t go to shelters, but I really want to show you how wonderful a shelter can be when the staff and the volunteers (who get paid NOTHING)dedicate themselves for the love of a dog.I cannot even begin to thank you for adopting an older dog…so many are dumped in the final years of their lives. The joy you gave Sprite in his final years is a gift for which you shall be rewarded deeply in Heaven!
    PS Sean’s mom was a very dear friend of mine and my hubby’s so I am not just some nut case writing to you. (I guess that is an opinion you can render on your own if you ever come to the shelter!)

  6. Sandra Bacon Says:

    I thought of something I want to let Mark know if he does not already.When our Tibetian Terrier was 12 she started limping. Our vet said we could put her on Rimadel, but the side effects of Rimadel can cause a Tumor. I thought about it and figured if it would keep her pain free for at least 2 more years that was all I could ask. In a 2 year period she got a tumor in her liver, and shortly after we had to put her to sleep. That was 13 years ago. Everyone should be aware that there are side effects to the medicine that we give our dogs, as well as what people take. There are new arthritis medicines for dogs that do not have that side effect, but you need to be aware, and ask your vet what if any are the side effects of whatever medicine you give your dog. At the time I gave my dog Rimadel, it was the only medicine available at the time.



  8. Lise Wilson Says:

    Pepsi,I hope you are doing well and have adjusted to Griffen. You have a loving family that I know you are happy that found you. My 2 min. schnauzers and soon to be 14 yr.old Scottie (who is doing very well) send their best.

  9. Susan Says:

    Awwwww! Look at those eyes! He wants a cheeseburger, Mark!

  10. Mark Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I see the resemblance with the gray in both your beards. :) Only joking. You are a man of substance and principle. Thanks for the wonderful book and sharing your heart for doggies and other orphan animals with us. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the US Constitution and your voice for freedom on the air. Keep up the great work. God’s blessings to you, your family, and all your listeners. God bless us!!!

  11. Lindsay Says:

    Wow!! He is such a gorgeous dog!! You are very lucky