Pepsi and Sprite

Paling around…

Pepsi and Sprite

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  1. Dennis Capik Says:

    one can never have enough dogs or enough dog toys.

  2. Kate Says:

    I like how Sprite has a big smile on his face…while Pepsi looks so inquisitive. I just wish I knew what they are thinking.

  3. Mary Clare in Gaithersburg, MD Says:


    I’ve posted on your website before but wanted to let you know that this photo really reminds me of my family’s two shelter dogs, Devins (black German Shepherd/Chow) and Marki (tan/white Shepherd/Husky). Devins and Marki are named in honor of two Law School Professors – of Constitutional and Criminal Law, respectively – deeply respected by my husband and me.

    Like Sprite, Marki was rescued from the streets of Silver Spring, MD, by the Montgomery County Humane Society. Also like Sprite, we don’t know Marki’s age and have a feeling she’s older than the shelter’s estimate (we think she’s about 4, while we know Devins’s almost 2). And Devins and Marki also are unique – we haven’t seen any other dogs just like them yet.

    This past weekend, my husband and I were determined to find Rescuing Sprite. We had no luck in Germantown, MD, but were ecstatic to see four copies of Rescuing Sprite on a front table in the Rockville Barnes & Noble. I spent my lunch hour Monday finishing Rescuing Sprite and cried harder than I have in a long time. Rescuing Sprite is beautiful, as are Sprite, Pepsi, and Griffen, and I proudly have displayed Rescuing Sprite on my desk near photos of Devins, Marki, and the rest of our family.

    As much as my husband and I have enjoyed your radio show in the past, being staunch conservatives, we now feel like we’re part of your community. Thank you.

    -Mary Clare in Gaithersburg, MD

  4. alberto gorin Says:

    oooh when you dogs and cats you fal in love
    i think i fel in love on pepsi and griffin
    allll other dogs and cats