Over The Rainbow Bridge

I thought it was time for me to say hello to all my friends. Its been a very eventful Spring and Summer for me and my Dad.

I took that journey over the Rainbow Bridge on June 24 of this year. Dad was reluctant to let me go but he finally realized when it was my time. I know he was sad to say good bye but I had to go, he and I both knew it by then. The last month of life on earth started out pretty good, even though I was real sick and taking medication three times a day. Dad did all he could to make me feel better cooking special meals and stopping home whenever he could. He even yelled at Baron who would sometimes play rough, I guess Baron didn’t really know what was going on.

The medicine Doctor Batts gave Dad to give to me did help a lot, although I was awfully thirsty most of the time. I’m glad it was Springtime when I got sick, since I was still able to run around the yard, listen to the birds and drink out of the fishpond whenever I wanted to.To tell the truth, I forgot how sick I was, most of the time, those steroids are pretty powerful stuff. I ran around just like I did before and Dad kept telling his friends how good I was doing.

It was Gigi’s birthday on May 23 and a couple of weeks later we had a big party on Dad’s deck. I had such a good time playing with Gigi’s little niece Victoria. She and I really got along great. I miss not being able to see her right now.
I even stole some cookies off the table when no one was looking. Ha ha, it reminded me of the Christmas when Big Baron and I ate the Christmas cookies that Dad’s cousin made for him. Gigi thought he had eaten them without saving any for her. Boy did I think I was in trouble then. But this time Dad just laughed, especially when Gigi reminded him about the Christmas cookies. It was a real fun time that day.

A few days later I was not feeling so well. I had slept outside on Tuesday night and when Dad came to see me that morning, by the look on his face I knew something was wrong. Dad’s eyes got real red and watery and he just kept saying “Poor Holly” over and over again. I learned that I was retaining fluids, I guess my liver was not working at all and my other organs were starting to be affected.

Doctor Batts had gone on vacation and Dad took me to another Vet for a checkup. I heard the Vet say that he could probably drain the fluids but didn’t have time that day. I heard Dad make an appointment for the following Monday.
After we left the vet’s I just laid around. I was not feeling well at all. I didn’t have much energy and I really didn’t feel muck like eating. Try as he did, I just could not eat anything Dad made for me. Things didn’t get much better over the next couple of days. I wandered around the deck and backyard, somewhat, but I was moving real slow and I couldn’t hear or see very well.

By Saturday, I knew the jig was up. I just could not move at all. Dad and Gigi took a big blanket and rolled me onto it. They both carried me into the truck to ride over to the vet’s. I knew this was my last ride in the truck, and tried real hard to look out the window, but I just didn;’t have much strength. Dad and Gigi said their goodbyes while I was lying on the doctor’s table. Dad told me how much he loved me and started to cry. I felt sad to see him so upset but I knew I was going to a better place. Gigi said goodbye and I could see she was crying, too.

Well, I’m here now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge – and its just like all the people said it would be. I’m feeling like my old self again, running and playing with all the other dogs and pets who have passed over. Oh, by the way, Big Baron was here to meet me when I crossed over. He introduced me to so many of his friends – some of whom were also Dad’s kids on the other side. There was Baron I , Brutus, Caesar and even Wizard, too. They were all so glad to see me and we’re having a great time telling each other stories of our life with Dad. We all can’t wait to see him, someday – just not too soon!


Holly From New Jersey