One Blue Eye And One Brown

My Doggie Max was so beautiful.  He loved  Chinese fortune cookies.  He was a huskie.  He didn’t bark. I sent you a pic of him.  He had one blue eye and one brown.  I took him to the Century Mall one day and he got scared.  He didn’t like shopping.  He was afraid of mice.  One time he jumped on a chair when he saw a mouse in the house!.  All my friends loved him. I think they came to visit him more than Victoria.  He was special.  When I saw him in the shelter I knew he was my dog.  I gave him the name Max right away.

My friend in Milan lost his Father .Mother and Sister.  That is a Big loss.  He is not my boyfriend just a friend that I worked with.  We all have have someone we love pass on in life.    I am having a problem with aol so anyway I Love Us and May God Bless Us  Victoria  I have always had faith I wouldn’t have been able to travel in Europe all those years.  I was all by myself.  I guess I am kinda strong.  I cry though.