Odes to my dearest little pal

It’s hard to encapsulate the love that my most beloved, and absolutely cherished, and completely adored Tootsie Roll Turk shared in a story, for our intense bond grew through a history that went on for nearly 16 years running.

We met on May 2nd, 1990, and it wasn’t long until the nicknames and vernacular between us began to evolve….the following snippets are verbal snapshots of our very deep bond. It’s been 573 days since we parted now, and I scarcely think of anything else, still….

*”Hey there Turkabilly, (rhythmic pause), Turkabilly, (rhythmic pause), Turkabilly, (rhythmic pause), Turkabilly Circus, you’re so cute!!”

*(I would take his handsome face gently in one hand and look deeply into his eyes to convey my love for him in no uncertain terms. He reciprocated, without fail; not even once.)

*When I would go outside with Bud sometimes in the driveway, I would walk up to my car, and he would walk up to a certain point, and just keep his eyes fixed on me, and I would look back into his eyes with great love and affection, and it was like a cool still moment that we held for extended periods of time, just because….


*”Where’s da ball? Where’s da ball?!” (Then I’d do a few fake kicks at the tennis court, and then I’d kick the tennis ball, and he’d haul as fast as he could after it, and bring it back, and we’d do this until he got tired, at which point I’d kick the ball and he’d just look at me with those handsome eyes of his as if to say “you’ve got to be kidding me!!” What a joy he brought to my life!)

*I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning the ‘sleep’ particulates out of his eyes in the morning, after we made sure to get right outside for a ‘tinkle’ 1st.

*”Go on na papers, Bud! Go on na papers!’ He was extremely good about doing his business on the newspapers that I would carefully lay out for him on the floor each day. I used to get a lot of newspapers from Shoppers for Bud’s comfort during the times we were not at home. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being uncomfortable and having to worry about relieving himself, not even for a second. What an awesome dog!

*He was my first thought in the morning, and he permeated my thinking and my vernacular during the day, and before I went to sleep I would make sure he was OK in his “bedge”. Fond memories….

*I would leave 91.5 WBJC-FM Classical Music on at a mellow volume for Bud when I left him to go to work, etc. I believe it soothed his soul during the day.

I could go on…. I was lucky to have known him. I am hoping for and counting on the miracle of our reunion in Heaven, and that Hope and Faith motivates me to do as much good as I can do.

Thank you, “Bud” Turk. You enriched my life beyond measure. I miss you every waking hour.

Dear Lord, I earnestly pray that Tootsie Roll Turk is flourishing happily, and comfortably, and in most excellent company, please, within your Heavenly Wonderful Kingdom. Thank You, Lord, for the time we shared here. It was truly glorious.




– Michael from MD

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  1. Tatum Says:

    What a cute little Baby. I love little dogs. You can carry them around and they can sit in your lap.