Never Without A Pet

I am SO sorry for your loss, and I understand how it could and would affect you. I am 63 years young, and since about 50 years ago, except four years in the Navy, I have never been without a pet, usually a rodent or a reptile or exotic fishes. We (mostly for the wife) have always had dogs and a parakeet, got the first of each while in the Navy. We have three dogs now and one parakeet, (mostly the wife’s) and a ferrit (mostly mine), and I’ve buried all friends I’ve lost on the property and each time it was so sad and so hard and I said a prayer — but either you outlive your friend or it outlives you — sorry, but that’s the sum of it (sad story to the first parakeet — we bought a new when the first died and told my oldest daughter he was the same — she was so young she didn’t know, and we just couldn’t tell her — maybe 45 years now, and I still remember and grieve — she knows and understands. The ferrit is the light of my life; he is just over a year now, they don’t live long, and I already grieve about losing him:: (presuming I outlive him) I WILL get another.

Howard from NC