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I am so happy that your show is on XM radio now, I never miss the show now.

Like yourself, I am an aminal lover, I will not pass a dog without making friends with it first, One day, whin I was pulling into my truck companys yard in Riverside, Ca, I saw this white dog, as I parked my truck, The dog came up and wanted to get in my truck.

I went into the dispatch office and asked about the dog. I was told that she had been hanging around for two weeks.
They said that the dog pound had been called to come and get the dog, because everytime a truck left, the dog would chase the truck out onto the highway, they were afraid that she would get hit out on the highway.

The poor guy from the pound, he looked all over the yard for her???
I couldn’t tell him that she was sleeping in my truck?
Where she has been sleeping for 5 years now.

 Rolfs Dog

– Rolf

2 Responses

  1. Nell Says:

    Love it! I scooped up my sweetie Rudy about 5 seconds before animal control did. Great photo.

    Trust me, the guys from the pound are happy when things turn out great for the dogs. Animal control burn out is so high, because those brave men and women see the absolute worst of human nature. So it makes their hearts glad when they see the best of human nature, too.

  2. Laura from L.A. Says:

    I just LOVE this story. Like they say, home is where you hang your hat. He chose YOU!!