My Riley

Our first anniversary is November 17. That is the day I got Riley from the Arizona Animal Welfare Society a no kill shelter. She had been there for five and a half months, longer than most of the dogs there. I don’t know why she had not been adopted sooner but it was my good fortune that she wasn’t. I have had three fine dogs and loved them all but this little pit bull mix is very special. I had selected 15 dogs at the shelter to choose from. She was the third one on the list and I had decided to meet all of them before choosing the one to adopt. But when we got together in the meeting area I knew she was the one and decided on the spot to take her home with me that day. I am not sure who selected whom but it has turn out to be a perfect match. I hate to leave the house and leave her behind, especially the way she looks at me as I go out the door. But I sure enjoy the enthusiastic greeting I receive on my return. Let it be know that she lives the ‘Life of Riley’, no small measure because of me.

Rich from Arizona