My Pet Story

Hi Mark. My pet story starts when I was very little. I don’t have any brothers, sisters or kids but I’ve had a dog since I was about five years old. I was lucky enough to have two beautiful Shelties who lived pretty long lives and then I had two Cairn terriers after that. My most recent, Cairn, Jonah, is in the photo attached.

When I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, I got involved in pet therapy. I would borrow dogs from the Humane Society and take them to hospitals and nursing homes to visit people. That led me into animal rescue and I was the president of a rescue group for several years in my current hometown, Traverse City, Michigan.

I was adopted by my first cat that I’ve ever had a few years ago. His name is Neelix, after the goodwill ambassador on Star Trek Voyager. Being a dog person, I had never really thought about having a cat but he changed my mind. He’s very persuasive. About a year later, I adopted a cat from my rescue group. Her name is Ali. Now I don’t discriminate. I love cats and dogs equally.

Because the animal groups in my town don’t really work together well, I started a local pet website so that I could advertise everyone’s events and promote local pet adoption. It is my hope that the community will support the needs of ALL of the groups in the area for the benefit of the cats and dogs involved.

I also started a national website at www.petfriendsreport.com that I hope you will take a look at. I publish important and inspiring pet news from around the world. As most of my pet endeavors go, I’m not making any money from it but it’s a labor of love and an important part of my life.

Can’t wait to read your book!

Jennifer from MI