My Friend Mau Mau

I found him in the parking lot of an old bar & expected him to run or fight as I picked him up — but he just climbed into my arms. I don’t know how old he was — but he was my best friend for 22 years.

He was a cat that decided he was going to like you until you liked him back & everyone he came in contact with did like him.

He had a “meow” such as never was heard (thus his name). He had a different meow for the different things he wanted & to that end — while speaking w/ my boss on the phone — my bos recorded his meow & another time Mau was wanting his food while I was on the phone & whoever I was talking to at the time suggested I hang up & feed my child & we both laughed when I told her that is my cat.

Mau was always at the door when I came home & if I did not pick him up he would climb up my clothes & perch himself on my shoulders & just purr away.

His main meals were whatever I was having & that inculdes carrots (when he could chew ’em) Hot wings (and that caused a different meow when he was in the litter box), donuts, & dorritos & iced tea.

If I was sick, he would always lay beside me & just purr. And that brings up another thing — Mau was a drooler — he was alwas drooling & once when I had strept throat & fell asleep with him on my chest I awoke to find my face wet from his drool — but we were friends & it was OK.

He liked dogs & would just kinda not bother with them — but other cats or kittens he took as a total offense & woud sulk & not purr until they were gone.

He became sick very quickly — his kidneys failed & he could not hydrate himself fast enough. So I took him in & the doctor asked if I wanted to stay outside the room — but how could I? We were friends & I could not let him die alone or without a fiend by his side. As he was dying he put out his paw & wrapped it around my finger & we held each other until he was gone.

The doctor told me he had never seen anything like that before & if he had not been treating Mau for 22 years he would have thought he was around 8.

I had my friend cremated & I have his ashes in a jewlery box on my dest with a name plate. I have told all my nephews & nieces that when I die — I want Mau placed with me.

I miss him so much & I can’t wait until I see him in heaven & have him perch himself on my shoulders again — let your body sleep & your spirit be free my friend until we meet again.

David from MI