My Doggie Is Named “Souffle”

My doggie is named “Souffle”. She is a little “papillon” and is my best friend. I moved to Valencia, Spain about 2 years ago and brought her with me. If it wasn’t for Souffle I don’t think I could have made it here, in this foreign country. Look, I love Mark Levin, We listen to him every day. All the USA radio stations block foreign IPs, the only american show I can listen to is Mark, via his audio archives. It would mean alot to us (me and Souffle) if you would acknowledge our existence, maybe send us Mark’s book ;)

I could tell you a 100 stories about me and Souffle…. But I’ll just tell you that my doggy is my best friend and without her, I couldn’t make it out here in socialist Europe. Again, let me just say what a huge fan I am of Mark Levin. I’m listening every day… I hope you let me know that you appreciate me and my doggy although we are just a small part of your audience.. thanks for everything that you do. God bless..

-Scott McCall & Souffle