I was recovering from cancer and was out walking to get strong again after chemo. I looked behind me and saw this darling dog following me home. I shooed him away and told him to go home but he continued to quietly follow me even though I passed a school with children outside. I didn’t like dogs but I was attracted to this dog and felt love for him right away. When I got home I put him in the back yard and called the pound in case he belonged to someone. A few days later I called them and no one had claimed him so I took him to foster. I was questioning myself because as I said “I don’t like dogs”.
Well no one claimed him and at first I kept him outside and then maybe a week later he got to sleep in the garage and a week after than he was in the house. Now this sweet thing is sleeping with us and is our child.

He is so smart he learned all the tricks in a day or two and today 8 years later he understands me when I tell him to do something. My husband and I are amazed. I think he would have been a good therapy dog to know when someone is about to have a seizure because he is so intuitive.

I believe God sent him to me and I was attracted to him because God wanted me to have this gift. I didn’t even like to touch dogs. Strangely I fell in love with this funny looking year old puppy. I can’t imagine living without him.
As I said he is 8 years old but he still plays like a puppy and walks with us for up to 3 miles.
I love all dogs today and feel like they are very special. Did you know that dog spelled backwards is God?

Linda From OK

3 Responses

  1. Paul Says:

    I love the smile your dog has in the photo. What a great story, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Linda: Skip is one cute dog! What a great picture to go along with your story.


  3. Tatum Says:

    Hi Linda, Skip is definitely a one of a kind dog. He has his own personality and you can see it in his cute little face. I wish I could meet Skip. This is another fantastic story and I think God did send him from what you said about him slowly getting into the house.
    Mark really is “The Great One.”