This is Moose. He is a Lab/Great Dane cross that I adopted in 2002. I also adopted a Lab/Huskey cross at the same time that I named Squirrel. Hence a Rock & Bullwinkle Show “Moose & Squirrel.” Unfortunately Squirrel was a beaten dog and was mentally retarded. I never was able to train him in area of house breaking or any of the other standard sit, stay commands. Squirrel was very high spirited and slipped out of the dog park gate one day when he was about 2 years old and was hit by a car. Moose, who has had bad hips since the are of 6 months tried to follow his smaller buddy and when the car struck he howled for what seemed like 5 minutes. Moose is very smart and knows around 30 human words and react to them when you speak. I am sure that Moose knew and understood exactly what happened when Squirrel died. While Squirrel was very trying, what with the constant clean-up of his bathroom breaks and other problems such as siezures, he was a good boy in many ways and Moose developed a bond with him and actually, in the last six months of Squirrel’s life, got my attention to let them outside when Squirrel needed a potty break. In the last six months, Squirrel only had one or two boo boos on the rug. As you can see, Moose has taken over the couch and enjoys sitting on his rump. I’m sorry to say that I can not find any pictures of Squirrel and I’m afraid those pictures reside on a hard drive that does not work anymore. Moose and miss Squirel a lot. But luckly we still have each other.

Robert from Nevada