My wife has pursuaded me to get three dogs since we have been together: Moe, a pug from the DFW Pug Rescue, Connor a Scottie Mix from Operation Kindness and Otter a Corgi mix from The Frisco Humane Society. All three dogs were against my will and all three quickly became beloved members of our family.

We adopted Moe first, I wasnt all that opposed to him, except that after we adopted him, I realized he snored all the time. It didn’t matter if he was sleeping, eating, playing or whatever, he was snoring because of an abnormality with his soft palate. This quickly went from annoying to soothing and it was hard for Kate and I to sleep at first when we would go out of town and be away from him. Moe loved the sun and would lay out on the patio on his back and soak it up or in Kate’s garden. If he were in the house and there was a small patch of sunlight coming in through the window, you can bet that is where he was. From the first day we adopted him, it was clear he was a “momma’s boy” and followed Kate around where ever she went. He loved her very much and the feeling was mutual.

About a year after we adopted Moe, we adopted Connor. He was brought into the veterinary clinic where Kate worked by Operation Kindness because he had a crooked foot and they wanted it checked. I was more apprehensive about getting him simply because I didnt think we needed a second dog. However, Kate pleaded, so we compromised and adopted him. He quickly became “my” dog since Moe was more attached to Kate and I was soon very thankful that we had him. He and Moe became fast friends and played together non-stop.

Five years after adopting Connor, Kate came home and informed me that she saw a dog at Petco, named Otter where The Frisco Humane Society was holding an adoption drive that looked like a small version of connor. He even had a crooked foot like Connor and a white patch on his chest like Connor does. Once again, I was not thrilled about the prospect of getting another dog, but gave in in the end. Of course as with the previous two times, I was very happy that I did. Moe was getting up in age, and didn’t quite have the energy he used to, so Otter gave Connor someone a little more spry to play with, plus we didnt know how much longer we would have with Moe, and thought Otter would make the transition a little easier for Connor when Moe died. They all three became good friends very quickly. Otter is full of energy and howls at times as he barks. He wiggles his butt when he walks which is why his name is Otter.

In August of this year, Moe developed Kidney disease we believe as the result of stomach cancer and despite the valiant efforts of a loving mom and the doctor she works with we had to put him to sleep on September 4. It is the hardest thing we have had to do. We still cry at times, but it gets easier. We are thankful for the time we had with him and for the time we have with Connor and Otter. They have all brought an incredible amout of joy to our lives.


– Chris from TX