I am the lucky owner of an unusually large German Shepherd. On December 31st, 1999, I adopted him from a local animal shelter and named him Millennium. The volunteers at the shelter said he had been tested by the County Fire Chief but he failed a “smoke” test. Millennium weighed 65lbs at 6 months old and was very tall and long the day I signed my name to the adoption papers.

Today, he is at a sustained 118lbs., but with a few health problems. He has been the unfortunate genetic recipient of Lupoid Onychodystrophy and Nodular Dermatofibrosis. Lupoid is a condition that has affected his nail growth. After 5 years old, he began to grow brittle and deformed nails that would cause discomfort. Sadly, there is no cure. I keep the nails trim and take him for daily morning walks. HIs other condition is more serious and has been very costly. Dermatofibrisis is mass tissue tumors that emerge from under the skin and need to be surgically removed. I had three recently removed. One was the size of a softball on his chest, a second was between his toes and the third was on his right elbow. The growths on his foot and elbow were about the size of a golf ball but they were noticebly causing discomfort. My vet has said that eventually these tumors may cause renal failure. Despite these possibilties, I will continue to pay the vet bills on time and pay the mortgage late! Enclosed is a photo of my Shepherd after his recent surgery. If anyone has had any success with treatment for these conditions, please post your dog’s story.



– Eric from FL