I acquired Max several years ago. He was in the custody of my daughter’s ex’s family. They were moving and were going to put him down unless someone took him. Max had won my favors long before this so I was happy to take him home.
My oldest daughter got Max after she left the nest, got married and had her first child. Devin was born and a dog was acquired. Good plan. One morning when Devin was about three he got out of the house while his parents were still sleeping. Max tagged along with him. When they woke up and found him missing of course panic ensued! Police were called and neighbors helped look. Sometime later the police located Devin and Max several blocks away. Located was all they could do as Max would allow no one near Devin. Once mom and dad arrived Max stood down. He earned his keep for the remainder of his life that day… So now I look after Max as he cared for my grandson.

Andre from MN