I just want to let you know that I and like many others know what you went thru with you beloved dog. When you loose one of our beloved little friends, it’s so painful I know. This is my story about my special little friend, Rock. He was the most gentle and sweetest creature that any one could imagine. He didn’t have a mean or vicious bone in his body. But on 9/11 what he did truly amazed my wife and me. I came home late that light from a very busy day and night at work. I quickly cleaned up and turned the TV on to see the events for the first time. I was very visibly up set, and I know my Rock knew it. He was bringing me his toy and I would throw it. This happened for several minutes. Then there was a image of Bin Laden on the screen and Rock dropped his toy and went up to the TV screen and started to bark and growl viciously, as if it were the devil himself. Maybe it was, but anyway he did this until his image was off the screen. My wife and I sat there in shock. What my Rock did on 9/11/01 was truly amazing. He knew the evil he saw. A sure sign of how they are truly one of Gods most precious gifts to us.

The day I had to put my sweet little puppy dog Rock down was one of the most painful things that I ever had to go thru. He was just a month shy of his 5th birthday. He went very fast. Within a week of us knowing that there was something wrong with him, we had to put him down. He had an inoperable brain tumor. When we brought him to the vets there were several people in the small waiting area. They knew what we were there for. So we went into the room and the Dr had everything all ready. He said whenever we were ready let him know. It must have been 15 minutes or so when we told the Dr to come in. The Vet and his assistant knew us all real well, and I know they, like everyone else that Rock crossed passes with fell in love with him. Rock was very week and couldn’t even lift his head anymore. So the Dr proceeded to do what he had to do. After the needle came out, Rock lifted his head and looked at me and my wife dead in the eyes as if to say goodbye and he was moving on. We sat there for at least 15 more minutes in the room crying and holding our sweet little Rock. As were leaving and heading out the door we saw that there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, including the Vet. I can’t believe after 3 1/2 years I am all broken up, writing about this to you all. I even wrote a little tribute song for him.

Today we have another little gift. He too is a boxer. His name is Zachariah Rock. For short we just call him Zachariah. It’s funny how we came up with that name. My wife and I had come up with the name Zack. When were looking for our newest member to our family, we came across a breeder’s website that was in the Amish country of Pa. We couldn’t seem to find one any closer. Being from the Amish country we figured Zachariah would be fitting. When we picked him out we notice that he had the same birthday as of our Rock’s .So my wife’s cousin Candy, who is probably one of the most biggest animal lovers I’ve known, suggested that in honor of Rock to give him the full name of Zachariah Rock. But that’s not the only coincidence here. When we first got out little puppy dog Rock My wife and I owned a little cafe outside of Baltimore called” The Garden Spot Cafe” Not a typical kind of name you would just see any where. Not until we went to pick up our newest addition to our family. As we were getting close to the spot where to turn to get to the breeders house, we notice as sign for a motel. It was called “The Garden Spot”! But that’s not it either, as we went to make that turn there was a little strip mall called Rock’s Plaza!!. Tell me God’s not at work here. He sent us another extraordinary little friend. We are truly blessed!. I’m sorry for being a little long here, but I just wanted to share with you all our experience with having to go thru this horrible pain that we endured. As well as the great joy we have with having Zachariah.
God Bless You all ! And thank you Mark for all that you do for us.

Best wishes
Paul from NJ