My wife Elena (she was my girlfriend at the time) and I went into a pet store three years ago to “just look”. We spent two hours playing with all the dogs but never made a real connection with any of them. The store owner saw that we were leaving and asked if we could wait a few minutes as he had something to show us. When he came back, he had an eight week old yellow lab in his arms. We instantly fell in love with Lucy. We had our dog! Our families told us we were crazy but thank God we didn’t listen. Lucy had kennel cough when we brought her home. It developed into pneumonia. She had to spend a few nights in the hospital but got the very best care in the world. She came out as good as new! A few months later, Elena and I got engaged. We got married later that year and had a beautiful daughter Maggie a year after that. I am so blessed to have all three girls in my life: Elena, Maggie, and of course Lucy. We love you Lucy!

Phil from New York

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  1. Julie Says:

    She’s a beautiful dog.